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The Foundation intervenes through two Funds, the Programme Fund, and the Small Grants Fund. This fund is from now on (2014 call for proposals) solely earmarked to support threatened animal species conservation projects.

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Date de publication 19/03/2014
Contributeur Jean Didider akpona
Couverture géographique Global
Mots-clefs Sustainable Agriculture and Fishing - Renewable Energies - Eco-materials - Biodiversity Conservation,

Proposed projects must meet the prequalification criteria described below. Please also refer to what the Foundation does not fund

The following prequalification criteria are required.
Proposed projects must :

. fall within the following intervention sectors : sustainable agriculture and fishing, renewable energies, eco-materials, biodiversity conservation ;

. bring concrete and lasting improvement to the living conditions of its target population ;

. contribute to environment protection and rationalizion of natural resources management, and bring multiple benefits, with social, environmental, economical impacts… ;

. be driven by the demand and needs of the local populations, and those of the intervention area ;

. plan appropriate and concrete actions with measurable and sustainable results ;

. encourage innovation whenever possible ;

. be participatory and in partnership : Implementation is made in conjunction with identified partners and encourages their capacity building ;

. be coherent with the intervention country’s national strategy ;

. budget evaluations (mid-term and final) ; 

. have a detailed global budget showing the split between the different funders, including the Foundation. The Foundation covers up to 10% administrative costs, inclusive of all head office support costs ;

. have a forecast funding plan showing the different donors and their expected or confirmed contributions. Even if the project is selected by the Foundation, the agreement can not be signed unless at least 75% of the funding, including the contribution of the Foundation, is confirmed by written justifications ;

. take into account as much as possible the following cross-cutting themes :

 - Entrepreneurial approach : favors sustainability and duplication, capable of promoting local businesses, creating jobs ;

- Gender Approach : taking into account the particular vulnerabilities of Women. The project will aim to reduce these vulnerabilities through empowerment and will promote the real involvement of Women at all stages and all levels of project implementation ;

 - Governance : promoting respect of human rights (rights-based approach) and the ability for all stakeholders to assume their responsibilities : individuals, particularly the poorest and the most vulnerable, community or economic organizations, and those in positions of power (institutional, economic, social, religious, …) ;

- Impact of Climate Change : taking into account in the design but also in the execution of climatic disturbances and their expected effects (adaptation).

Each year in its Call for Proposals , the Foundation chooses a particular theme that the proposals will have to more specifically address.

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