News Training opportunity: Negotiation training in support of Protected Areas

Training opportunity for capacity building on negotiation skills, aimed mainly at Protected Area staff and support staff dealing with multi-stakeholder engagements at the interface of Protected Areas.

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Source Christine Mentzel
Date de publication 14/09/2014
Contributeur Jean Didider akpona
Couverture géographique Eastern Africa, Southern Africa,
Mots-clefs Negociation training, Protected area, training,

Protected areas and biodiversity (terrestrial and marine) are under increasing pressure from other sectors such as agriculture, extractive industries and fisheries due to increasing demand for land and resources from a growing human population and growing economies.  Many governments in the eastern and southern African region are focussing economic growth and poverty alleviation efforts around the increased exploitation of natural resources, expansion of agricultural and fishing activities, both largescale and subsistence as well as increased infrastructure development to aid access to markets. Often little consideration is given to the longer-term impacts of these activities on key ecosystem services and protected areas, which provide a crucial basis for future economic growth. This puts pressure on the managers of these key areas to defend the protected area and the specific resources it protects as a legitimate land use at all levels – site level, national level and even internationally – and requires extensive stakeholder engagement and negotiation with other sectors and neighbouring communities to ensure a sustainable approach to development.

Who should apply:
Protected Area staff and other relevant stakeholders actively engaging on potential land/resource use conflict issues to improve the sustainability of protected areas in the context of development.  
How to apply :
Applicants should identify and describe a specific land or resource use conflict that they are dealing with (existing or potential) and the key stakeholders involved in this existing or potential conflict. Applicants
are requested to fill in the attached application form and send it by email to Christine Mentzel (
Applications will be accepted until 30 September 2014.

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