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Training Course on Research Proposal Writing
with a focus on upgrading value chains of neglected and underutilized species of plants

The International Foundation for Science (IFS),  Bioversity International, and our partners now offer young African scientists training in the art of developing research projects proposals that focus on problems related to the value chains of Bambara groundnut and amaranth in particular, and NUS in general.

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Date de publication 25/07/2014
Contributeur Jean Didider akpona
Couverture géographique Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa
Mots-clefs Sciences, training course, plants speceis

This Call for Research notes/Applications is focused on the value chains of priority NUS plants in three sub-regions: Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa, respectively.

Who should apply?

Applicants eligible for this call should:

  • Be a citizen and resident of an eligible country in the region where the course is held  (see the table above)
  • Be a national scientist attached to a university, national research institution or a research oriented and not-for-profit NGO (scientists working in international research organizations are not eligible)
  • Be under 35 years of age (male) or under 40 years of age (female)
  • Have at least a Master's or equivalent degree
  • We particularly welcome applications from female scientists
  • For the course in West Africa (Togo), applications may be submitted in English or French

Applications should include:

  • Curriculum Vitae

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