News Conference: Botanists of the twenty-first century: roles, challenges and opportunities

The aim of the conference is to develop forward-looking perspectives for the botanical profession in the twenty-first century. The conference will provide a platform for exchange and dialogue to:

* Take stock of global, regional and national issues and challenges that botany can contribute to mitigating;

* Review the state of the art for the study and practice of botany; and

* Identify actionable elements for re-orienting the discipline to make the essential innovative scientific and technological contributions needed for current and future generations.

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Date de publication 29/05/2014
Contributeur Jean Didider akpona
Couverture géographique Globale
Mots-clefs botanique, conference, ecologie,

The conference will focus on tropical and temperate botanical issues, identifying skills to be maintained or developed and training needs. It will also define ways to interact with other disciplines and improve communication with the general public and policy-makers.

The conference will bring together participants from many regions of the world with a particular interest in the plant kingdom. Participants will include representatives from various sectors, including education, science, academia, policy, NGOs, communities and business, as well as development partners. Simultaneous translation in English and French will be provided.

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