News Call for 2014 TBA Small Grants for alumni groups

Tropical Biology Association (TBA) are pleased to inform you that the 2014 round of TBA small grants is now open for application. These grants are available to TBA alumni groups who have identified priority projects they wish to carry out. Funded projects must be designed to solve a specific conservation or research problem and show impact. We are particularly interested in innovative ideas and approaches that will lead to real outcomes.

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Source TBA
Date de publication 23/04/2014
Contributeur Jean Didider akpona
Couverture géographique Africa, global

The Grants
Three types of grants will be considered:
a) Project grants for conservation, research or education projects with clear and measurable impacts. The grant aims to catalyse collaboration and build alumni capacity. Maximum level: £1,500.
b) Follow up grants. Projects previously supported by a small grant that have identified a next phase that would generate impact or new directions for the project.
c) Networking grants aimed at helping alumni groups organise networking events (in-country students’ conference, seminars, workshops) as well as apply for formal registration of their group.

Only members of a TBA alumni group can apply. In addition, the proposed project must:
· Focus on issues that have a demonstrable need, and are a priority for the alumni group.
· Be collaborative and encourage exchange of expertise; the project team should constitute not less than 50% members of the TBA alumni group.

If you are interested in applying, please view further details here. The deadline for application is 30th May 2014 (for concepts) and 30th July 2014 (for Full Proposals).

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